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Planning Your Wedding at Big Indian Springs . . .

Your wedding should be your creation, an expression of who you are, an opportunity to share this unique time with family and friends.

Give yourselves and your special guests the opportunity to unwind in a home away from home, to have fun and join in the build-up to that special moment, to celebrate the event, and then to wind down and share the memories.

Begin your planning with a beautiful setting, grand yet intimate, and let your imagination do the rest.

Select a caterer who has the menu, experience, and attention to detail that inspires your confidence and who will work with you to create the reception you want.

Pick the spot for your ceremony . . . 

       . . .Lay out the gathering and dining arrangement that suits the mood you 
want to create . . . 
               . . .Set the timeline that feels right . . .

                      . . .Choose the other wedding professionals you prefer.

When the time comes, arrive early and add your own special touches to the decorations.

Some caterers in the area:

Mary's Cookin'
Roxbury, NY   
         Have catered a number of reunions and parties at Big Indian Springs

Peekamoose Restaurant
Big Indian, NY
Delcious food and event catering.  One mile from Big Indian Springs.

New World Catering
Saugerties, NY
Menus for events ranging from casually elegant weddings to rocking BBQ parties.  Excellent reputation in the area.

Gigi Catering
Red Hook, NY
(845) 758-8060
Catered a recent wedding at Big Indian Springs.
Blue Mountain
Bistro To Go

Kingston, NY
Excellent food and great reputation in the area.


Please contact us for more information:

       Email:     mailto:hosts@bigindiansprings.com
       Phone:    845-254-5905
       Mail:       P.O. Box 66, Big Indian, NY 12410

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